Top-Rated Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Trends come and go, but in terms of interior design, some are made to last. Some of the best trends that you were seeing a few years back still run strong in modern homes across the world. Bathroom trends that seem to last a lifetime are great if you want to make some investments and forget about those areas of your home for the rest of your residency there. Below are some of the hottest trends when it comes to bathroom remodel ideas.

Go for a geometric bathroom design

Forget the prejudiced idea that black and white bathroom designs are boring. You can make the most out of a relatively small space by creating a black and white geometric design. The tile, the doorframes, the mirror, these all can be updated to a similar design if you pay close attention to some variables, and find a great remodeling team. Generally, the new bathroom cost is at affordable levels, making such projects affordable for an increasing number of homeowners. Go for a bold, statement black and white tiling for your floor and you just hit the home improvement jackpot!

A blue and white bathroom, for windowless spaces

Many small bathrooms are well-hidden under a staircase, and this makes those look a bit claustrophobic and incredibly small. But a blue and white design will help you open up the space, make it feel larger and airier. This can easily turn your small closet bathroom into an amazing guest bathroom. Tiles in an oriental design seem to work amazingly for such spaces. Pay attention to the mirror. It should be large enough to reflect the light from your lighting system. As for lighting, make sure that you go for neutral light, as it will make your small bathroom look significantly larger.

A soft white bathroom goes amazingly with a variety of designs

If you’re looking for a versatile decorating and remodeling idea for your bathroom, try to paint the walls of your existing space in a soft white or a soft ivory. While you may search for better ideas in the future for the rest of your property, you will be able to preserve the look of the existing bathroom. This idea works wonderfully in houses with an eclectic design as it will help you temper rest of your home.

A marble bathroom design

While this may be a more expensive remodel idea, it certainly is a timeless one. Ask your remodeling team to create an airy design and collaborate with them in choosing the color and appearance of the marble. This is an investment made to last, so don’t doubt your decision.

These are four bathroom-remodel ideas that will help you save money in the long run, as it won’t be necessary to periodically update those, as trends change. Make sure to collaborate with a reputable remodeling team. This will offer you the certainty that the project will be accomplished accordingly to your wishes and that the quality is an outstanding one.

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