Welcoming a new family member – turning your spare bedroom into a nursery

So you have a baby on the way and you have already starting to picture how your life will look like with  a new family member in the house. Among the numerous things that need to be handled in advance, setting up a nursery room for your little bundle of joy comes as a top priority. If you are lucky to have a spare bedroom in your house, you can easily turn that area into a baby-friendly room. However, in order for the project to be a total success, you have to follow certain important steps. Perhaps you will find the following information useful in the process:

Start with a cleanup

Before you actually begin to purchase baby stuff for your new nursery, you should free up the premises and get it ready for the renovations and furnishings demanded. A thorough cleanup will be required, but first, you need to figure out where to place the things you already have in that spare room. If you don’t have any storage space left in your garage (or nowhere else around the house for that matter), to keep the furniture and decorations you need to take out, but don’t exactly want to give them away either, what you can do is resort to public storage Austin. Renting a storage unit is a cheap, rapid and convenient solution.

Choose the right wall paint

While a complex remodel might not be something you have time or money for, and the room might not even need it,  change of wall paint is still something that should be done, in order for the area to actually look appropriate for its new purpose. Go for paint colors that will make the room seem baby-appropriate and give that soothing feel to the space. If you know someone who is good at painting, adding some cartoon figures on the wall is also a great idea.

Get the essentials

Make a list of all the things you’ll need once the baby arrives and have them purchase with sufficient time in advance. While there might be numerous things you might want to add to the premises, a few of them remain most relevant. A crib, a diaper changing table, a baby monitor are three elements that shouldn’t miss from the nursery. Items such as a rocking chair, a musical mobile for the crib and a toy box could also be extremely useful. Check online what purchase opportunities you have and get the essentials first.

Make it comfortable for you as well

Because you will spend quite some time in the nursery yourself, you should focus on making it appropriate for yourself as well. Add a comfy sofa, which you can use when feeding the baby or watching over them. A coffee table might also come in handy, adding to the convenience of the area.

When a baby is on the way, you have to start making the necessary changes around your household to welcome the new member into your family the proper way. The project of turning a spare bedroom into a nursery doesn’t need to be that complicated, as long as you know which are the steps that need to be taken on the matter.

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