Were you hit by a drunk driver? Take these steps

Many people are so scared when they are involved into a car accident, they simply do not know what to do, even if the fault is of the other driver who was drunk. If you are a driver, then you should be informed, and know what you have to do in case you face this situation, even if everyone of us do not want to have such an experience. There are great chances to win a lawsuit if the driver who caused the accident was drunk. But you should also know that you have the option to make an insurance claim, before you sue the driver.

Step 1 – Call the police

If you get down of the car and you see that the driver who caused the accident is drunk, then you should not think twice before calling the police. This is the only way you will be able to document the accident, because the police will offer you all the documents you need when you will file the insurance claim. Also, if you want to sue the driver then you will need the accident to be documented by specialists. If you do not call the police not only that you will lose the most important part of documents you will need for the insurance claim, but you will always think at the fact that a drunk person is behind the wheel and can cause another accident.

Step 2 – Collect as much information as you can

In case you are not hurt in the accident, you should try to collect as many details as possible when you are at the accident place. You should ask the driver to offer you their contact details, and insurance information. Also, in case there are witnesses, do not forget to ask them their contact details, because you will have to offer them to the Los Angeles drunk driving attorney you will hire to help you file the insurance claim. In case you cannot talk with the drunk driver, you can ask the police officers information about them.

Step 3 – Medical treatment is a must

If you are involved in an accident you should seek medical help, because you have to check your heath state. Also in case you will sue the driver you have to show documents of the medical treatment you had because of the accident. You should not refuse medical help even if you feel right after the accident.

Step 4 – Talk with a reliable drunk driving attorney

It is recommendable to contact an attorney who has experience with these cases before you get in touch with the insurance company. When you get involved into an accident caused by a drunk driver you deserve to seek compensation for the suffering, pain and damages you experience. The best way to get the right amount of compensation is to ask for an attorney’s help. They have the needed experience and knowledge to conduct the investigation and to include all the evidence needed to show that the drunk driver was the one who caused the accident.

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