What are the dirtiest objects in your home?

Germs and bacteria are everywhere, including in your home, but did you know that many of the home objects you imagine to be the dirties, grimiest and grossest are actually quite clean? Take the toilet seat, for example. Most homeowners scrub it vigorously every day and don’t even think about not washing their hands after touching it, but did you know that the toilet seat isn’t even in the top 10 dirtiest objects in the house? Instead, bacteria hide where your least expect it.

The carpet

The carpet is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, germs, dirt and allergens because all these microorganisms hide between the thick fibres of the carpet and become almost impossible to remove. Carpet cleaning Dublin specialists say that vacuuming the carpet is just a superficial way of cleaning it, because the vacuum only sucks away part of the bacteria and most of the grime stays there. Besides, most dirt particles are sent flying into the air, landing on furniture or right into your lungs. To make sure you get rid of all allergens and make your home a healthier space, talk to companies such as Renew Carpet Cleaning for deep carpet cleaning.

The microwave

The microwave is the dirtiest kitchen appliance because most homeowners forget to clean it. The food scraps and stains left behind after accidentally heating something for too long, combined with the odours that don’t have a chance to get out because you keep the door closed all the time, make the microwave a bacteria-ridden space that can became quite harmful. Make sure you clean the microwave with a damp cloth and a fragrance-free cleaning solution once a week and don’t leave a stain uncleaned for more than a few hours.

Your entire kitchen

This might come as a surprise, but the kitchen is the dirties room in the house; yes, it’s dirtier than the bathroom. Almost every surface and object in the kitchen is packed with microbes and bacteria and should be cleaned more than you think. The kitchen sponge that you use for washing the most contaminated one, hosting nearly 20 billion bacteria, followed by the kitchen sink tap, the kitchen sink drain, kitchen counter and kitchen light switch. Make sure you replace the sponge every month and wipe the sink and counter every day with anti-bacterial wipes. Needless to say, remember to wash your hands afterwards!

The sofa

The sofa might seem like a clean and safe space, but if you really think about it, how clean is it actually? You and your guests sit on it at the end of the day with clothes that have come in contact with all sorts of dirty surfaces, your pets play on it and you also place various objects from the kitchen there. And, since most sofas are made from upholstery, they aren’t that easy to clean, which is why most homeowners only give it a good scrub once a year. To keep the sofa as clean as possible, invest in a washable cover that you can disinfect and clean from time to time and wash the covers of the sofa cushions every two weeks.

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