What should you do after finding student accommodation?


After weeks of searching for the right property, you’ve finally found something that’s within your budget, in a convenient location and that looks like a great place to live in. You’re probably very excited by now and you can’t wait to settle in, but don’t sign the papers just yet. Before settling the deal and officially choosing your next home for the following year(s), cross all your concerns off the list and check these details.

Talk to the neighbours or other tenants

A short chat with other tenants (or neighbours, if you’re visiting the property during the summer and there are no students there) will answer important questions about the property. Many students skip this step for fear that the property will no longer be available by the time they finish and, to a certain extent that is true, most landlords cannot wait for weeks until you confirm. However, if you explain to the landlord that you are interest, but need about 24 hours to decide, they should understand. This should be enough time for you to talk to a couple of people and show pictures of the place to your loved ones for a second opinion. If the landlord tries to pressure you into signing right away, then that could be a worrying sign and you should look at the property with more scepticism.

Sort out the financials

Assuming that everything about your student accommodation Aberystwyth provider is perfect, you need to take care of the financial details. Ask if you have to offer an initial payment (usually as a form of guarantee that will be returned to you when you move out) and when the rent is due each month. Needless to say, you’ll have to talk to your parents and find out if you can count on their financial support.

When can you move in?

Most students prefer to move in one or two weeks before the start of the semester, but others like to settle in sooner, so they have time to get used to the place or find a summer job. Ask the landlord if summer accommodation is possible and if the cost is the same as during the year.

Can you rent the property again next year?

Most student accommodation contracts are valid for one university year, which is convenient enough for most students, because some want to choose another place to live in case something goes wrong. However, if you are very happy with what you found and don’t want to worry about relocation for the next three or more years, ask if you can rebook the property for the following year.

Read the contract carefully

This last part is as tedious as it is useful, so make sure you read the contract together with your parents and agree with each and every clause, especially the fine print. If you have any concerns, talk to the owner. This will save you from many potentially unpleasant situations and help you avoid future misunderstandings with the owner.

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