What to look for in a realtor

Buying and selling real estate is not something easy to do. For this reason, if you are looking for a new home or you are planning to list your property on a dedicated web site, you will definitely have to collaborate with a real estate agent. Although there are plenty of specialized agencies on the market, finding a good realtor may be more difficult than it seems at first glance. In case you need to pick one, you should know that there are certain qualities you have to look for. You can choose to search online, or use recommendations form your acquaintances. Here is what experts advise you to check when searching for the perfect real estate agent, to increase your chances of working with a professional.


Good references

If you want to make sure a real estate agent is the right choice, you will have to check for their recommendations. But here is a simple trick: do not take the phone numbers from their resume or their cover letter, but ask them personally. If they are willing to give you references of their past clients, then they have nothing to hide, so they may just be the reliable realtor you are looking for. Do not limit yourself to their positive answer: you should actually call some of their previous customers, to find out more about the real estate agent’s work.


Great communication

As a house buyer or seller, you already have enough stress to deal with, and a realtor who is not an efficient communicator may give you even more head ache. For this reason, you need to make sure your agent has great communication skills and keeps you up to date with any change that may appear on the way. If you do choose one of the best real estate agents in the city, you may be surprised to find out they have hundreds of clients, so they may not be available each time you need to see them. This is why you need to establish from the very beginning a way of communication: wither email or phone. If you notice they have a well establish communication system, they are definitely a keeper.



This trait is quite important, especially if you consider the fact that the agent is the one who is actually in charge of the real estate transaction. As much as you want to get involved, you do not have all the relevant information, so a proactive realtor will ease things a lot. A professional ages is the one who comes to present you the best offers, not the one who expects you to call them day by day and ask about what is new on the market. As soon as you explain them what you are looking for, they should take charge and keep you constantly informed. Remember that if you have to keep calling the realtor, then they are probably postponing getting you the best deal.

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