Winterizing Your Garage: Storage, Security, and Maintenance

Winter in some states can be difficult and rather dangerous. Preparing your home for the harsh weather should be one of your main priorities in order to successfully manage it. Nonetheless, we often forget to winterize one of the most important parts of our homes which is the garage. The very first thing to do is to get organized and check what needs to be done before the cold weather hits.


In order to feel comfortable in your home, you need to feel a sense of security. Even though it’s winter, thieves do not care whatever the weather is and they will still try to enter your home. If you live in a state which faces extreme cold weather like -20 Fahrenheit, your garage door lock could freeze and be easily broken off. Luckily, you have plenty of options to make your garage a safer place.

  • This is where the smart lock comes to save you. What you need to do is to purchase one of these smart gadgets that offer a sense of safety. They are easy to install and you will be pleased to know that they can be installed from inside. Therefore, even though the weather outside is below freezing, you can rest assured to know that the smart lock will not stop functioning. Additionally, it can be accessed through a smartphone app so you can monitor what goes on around your house when you’re away. For a small price that you pay when you purchase it, this gadget can potentially save you thousands of dollars.
  • Furthermore, we advise you that you also invest in a good quality garage door opener. Your purchasing decision should be based on one that has a backup power source and that will automatically close the doors behind you. It would be an inconvenience for you to get out of your car into the cold weather and close the garage doors manually.
  • Another way which you can secure your garage is through fixing the seal between the garage door and its opening. This is also called a Weatherstripping. Insulation is highly important for a home. When the seal is damaged or over-used, it will create a crack which will allow freezing air to pass through. Also, if it’s combined with ice, it will eventually break. Even though you have an innovative lock system, your garage can still face damage because the door will not work properly. It’s essential that you have a door that works properly, this is because it will keep the snow away and the freezing temperature will not reach your treasured car.


We can’t highlight enough how important it is that you do the most maintenance before winter arrives. Getting your garage ready for winter can save you a lot of money. In case the temperature drops too low, you might notice that several tools in your garage won’t make it through the winter so you need to step in and make some changes.

  • If the sealing of the windows is worn out, the temperature in your garage will be the same as outside. We advise you that you purchase an insulating foam and you add a clear plastic film over the windows if you have any. This will give you extra protection.
  • Additionally, you can also insulate the walls by spraying some insulating foam where rodents might have entered. As well as, purchase a heater and keep it on the lowest warm setting if you believe that your garage is too cold. Of course, you need to make sure that it’s safe to put an electric by itself in the garage. Thus, it’s advisable that you check the electric cables. Sometimes, rodents can chew on them and create damages.


One can notice that getting out of a warm car into a freezing cold garage isn’t pleasing for anyone. Minimal space and a tight place can add to that inconvenience. Therefore, you should spend some time whilst it’s still sunny outside to clean up your garage. No one wants to do it whilst it’s cold outside.

  • If you have tools which you use in your garden, golf equipment or old boxes lying around, you should clear out space. You’ll be glad later that you have purchased some shelving and extra large bins where you can fit all your stuff. Allowing yourself to have extra space in the garage during the winter will do you good all year around. You can also save some money by storing your things during the harsh weather. This is because health and safety come in hand. If cold air or snow does get in your garage, you should be confident to step in your garage. Having things laying around and not knowing what you can step on and slip is a dangerous game for everyone in the family.

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