Working with a landscape architect: 4 reasons to hire a professional

Outdoor spaces matter just as much as indoor ones, so what’s the best solution to create your outdoor dream space?

Working with a landskapsarkitekt has proven one of the most viable methods to design inspiring, magical spaces and keep up with all the challenges landscaping implies. When building a new home or renovating their property from scratch, most people don’t know that landscaping should be planned before so that you can make the most of the available land and enjoy a home where every square inch is carefully designed.

So, if you’ve just embarked on this journey, here are some valuable reasons to hire a landscape architect:


It increases the home’s value

Believe it or not, irreproachable landscape architecture can add as much as 15% to the value of your house if you decide to sell it. Even if the property remains yours, it’s still the best way to make it one of a kind and stand out from comparable homes. Besides, landskapsarkitekter design your dream outdoor space with sustainability in mind, appealing to elements such as arbors, fire pits, outdoor kitchenettes, and fountains to create inviting, unique, and eco-friendly gardens or residential areas.

It makes the landscape design fit with the home’s architecture

Creating a matching landscape design for your house’s architecture is sometimes easier said than done, especially if modern elements characterize the building. But learn that nature and modernness can make a great team if properly planned. Most professional landscapers believe simplicity is key, so stick to those little details that make the difference when designing an outdoor space. It can be everything from ornamental grasses for seasonal interest or native plants meant to cut water costs. The idea is that whether it’s xeriscaping (the trend corresponding to such plants) or not, a landscape architect will know what best suits your needs.

It manages challenging features

The renovation path can be paved with lots of obstacles some people may not even take into account until digging begins. These can include rocky walls, a steeply sloped lot, or any other site challenge that may keep you from building an outstanding property. That’s why landskapsarkitektur must be the first to consider when such problems occur. Landscape architects have the expertise to deal with such challenges and do so innovatively and creatively, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with one if facing site issues.

It designs inspiring rain gardens

This is especially important if you live in an area experiencing seasonal flooding. Rain gardens are a concept that is not so well known, but it started to gain ground as more and more property owners are interested in designing a safe place for birds and insects and protecting their outdoor space from flooding. These gardens’ functionality is beyond limits: they help filter rainwater excess away from footpaths and lawns and permit the water to penetrate back into the ground. Besides, they’re more aesthetically pleasing than a French drain you see everywhere.

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